Saturday 18 April 2015

Knock knock Who is there? WORKSHOP ON !9th April in Mumbai


Knock Knock Who is there?

Anu Mehta has created a new healing technique called ‘‘Knock Knock Who is There’?
Anu while healing herself realized that it could be confusing for a seeker of healing, as he/she does not know which  healing modality to use for self - healing. ‘Knock Knock Who is there’ is a simple technique which helps us to deal with various Self-images. Anu has realized that most of us are constantly in dilemma as our Self-images may contradict or may be very different from  each other. She talks about at least three images, which we all have by default. Question is could these images be our split personalities? Is it possible that theses personalities take over at unconscious level and we have no control over our emotions? Is that the reason that we sometimes react in a out of character. We know that we don’t have to feel angry, sad BUT it is as if we have no control and before we know we react in a way that we are not even proud of ourselves.

She will also be talking about various emotions and duality in emotions and how these emotions translate themselves differently because of different images we have.
This simple technique helps us to understand ourselves at unconscious level.

She has also realized that dance, music and bodywork are essential tools to dispose of a lot of negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions.

This workshop will include:

  • One Provision body scan per person to know what are the emotions and beliefs carried by the participants.
  • One Personality test with Lusher Color Test.
  • The duality in emotions. 
  •  How to identify various images. 
  •  How to synchronize all emotions and images.
  • A lot of various ways to deal with negative emotions.
  • It’s all new ways of dealing with emotional clutter.
  • Meditations.
This is a one-day program will leave you thirsty for more. It’s different, its beautiful and right now its available at a since at introductory prize.