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Losing it By Satish Purohit January 2012 - Life Positive

Meta Healer Anu Mehta’s workshops train participants to purge dark energy trapped in the brain to affect illumination, healing and self-transformation, says Satish Purohit

Despite having been with Life Positive for some time now, I was a near workshop virgin till I accepted Anu Mehta’s invitation to seven days of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Meta-Medicine workshops. Actually, what I attended were three separate programmes by Anu, the only certified Meta–Medicine and Meta Healing coach and trainer in India. I am, in fact, thanks to the aforementioned seven days, a certified Meta healer but for one exam.

Well, from what I understood of EFT, it appears to marry acupressure’s understanding of energy flow in an organism and insights from Richard Bandler and John Grinder’s Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). While healing in EFT is affected through discharge of blocked energy in the body through light tapping on certain points on the body, META Healing and Meta Medicine use the insights gleaned from revisiting a trauma and work towards discharging blocked energy that eventually manifests as disease.

How it works

The understanding is that the roots of a disease can be found in a past trauma that is now lodged in a particular physical location in the brain. Anu says it is now possible to see the trauma-caused energy rings in special CT scans of the brain. It is the manner in which the trauma is processed by a person that decides the location of the ‘energy ring’ in the brain. Its location in the brain in turn determines what organ/part of body will eventually be hit by disease. When a client walks in with a particular ailment, a meta healer makes the client revisit the trauma that has caused the condition and helps the client release the trapped energy that is behind the ailment.

Before the workshop, I did, in a vague sense, recognise that there is a psychological aspect to the entire business of wholeness, disease and healing but Anu’s workshops clarified that rudimentary understanding and laid bare the specifics of why a certain kind of trauma will hit the kidney and another lead to a sore eye or even cancer.

As she explained the concepts, one curious participant or the other would ask a question and Anu would give the person her full attention. This took the form of probing questions that brought deeply traumatic memories to the fore. I admit I am moved easily to tears but I have never bawled as hard and as many times as I did during the workshop. Then someone would relate to what I was saying as I wept and start sobbing violently. I was, of course, not the only one to blame. The crying was rather democratic in that everyone appeared to be breaking down rather freely. Someone joked it was not fair that Anu made people cry and expected to be paid for it.

Family man

The author receiving healing from the therapist
In a group of 20, I was often the lone male. There was role play and by the time we were done with the workshops, I had played father to two wonderful daughters, one talented guitar-playing son and a husband to a doctor. In opening myself up to Anu and to others, I experienced, as I shared laughter as well as tears in those seven days, a deep connection with the other participants. Our admission of pain, our self-work and healing turned us into siblings in spirit.

The sessions helped me unspool some of my emotional baggage. They forced me to take an honest look at myself. It made me realise that I was not alone in my pain. There were participants with issues like sexual abuse in the family, a crippling sense of not being attractive enough, an inability to come to terms with the death of a loved one and people whose life had atrophied from want of love. I connected with the pain of all those beautiful people because their experiences were mine too. While Anu’s workshops did not fix me in all the ways I feel messed up, it did train the light on areas that I need to work on. I am wiser about my shortcomings thanks to all those sessions and feel lighter too.

At a more personal level, the workshop desexualised the human touch for me. I realised that deep down I associated all kinds of touch with sex and that this had to do with inappropriate touching I was subjected to as a child. Even as an adult, I could hug people but it always made me uncomfortable. This changed for me by the time the workshops concluded.

Satish Purohit is a writer, editor,
translator, journalist, and lifeskills
coach based in Mumbai.
Interestingly, 60 per cent of the groups I was part of comprised energy workers who wanted to add a new depth to their practice through EFT and Meta Healing. There was a theta healer, two angel therapy trainers, a doctorate in Reiki, a pranic healer, a homeopath, a dentist and three trainers in other modalities. Some had attended Anu’s other workshops in the past and had come to revise what they had learnt and also clarify doubts that had arisen during their practice. They were also there to integrate what Anu had learnt on her frequent trips to Europe and America to learn emerging modalities. Kavita Doshi (41), a Bowen therapist, who was at one of the workshops to revise what she had learnt earlier from Anu, was one such person. “I have been able to solve a lot of my issues with the help of EFT and Meta Medicine. I overcame my fear of surgeries and hospitals, and my fear of seizures because of which I feel much more empowered and in control in life,” explained Doshi.

Bhavna Bhagat, a tarot and angel card reader was cured of severe acne in just 40 minutes of therapy during a workshop. Actor Nattasha Singh had to pop two antacids a day to cope with her acidity. ‘It’s been six months and I can honestly say my acidity has been cured by at least 90 per cent. I now get acidic at times like any other person after a heavy meal. But the nightmare of not being able to breathe due to hyperacidity is over,” she explained.

Folks, Anu’s good.