Saturday, 2 February 2019

Color therapy or chromotherapy, is a non-invasive energy medicine modality. written by Rashmi Arora

The concept of color therapy is based on the fact  that on the surface of our skin the vibrating fields of colors generate electrical and magnetic fields of energy that in turn activate biochemical processes which stimulate the brain which subsequently balances the entire system and organs.

Color therapy offers specific colors to specific parts of the body to regenerate and rejuvenate areas that are diseased or having blocked energy. There are other methods also available to induce colors in the body.

The Curative Properties of main  7 colors of the spectrum are
RED (BRIGHT RED) - Warm and stimulating. Useful in anaemia. 
ORANGE is a respiratory stimulant; relieves spasms and cramps and is useful for obese people
YELLOW is a strong stimulant and energiser for muscles and nerves,  and stimulates digestion.
GREEN - Stimulates pituitary gland, encourages muscle and tissue building and  has antibacterial properties.
BLUE - Cooling, strongly anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stops bleeding; reduces fever, pain.
INDIGO (BLUE-VIOLET) -  Pain relieving and improves the immune system.
VIOLET - Relaxing and soothing. It also stimulates the spleen and builds white blood cells.

Light is the essence of all living beings in the solar system.  Color therapy is based on this universal truth.
written by Rashmi Arora