Thursday 5 May 2016


MetaHealth is a comprehensive tool which aims at health at mental, physical and spiritual levels of life. In order to have an understanding regarding the benefits of how MetaHealth can help in the corporate culture, we need to understand what a corporate culture is. People working in corporate organizations have an altogether different working style as compared to other organizations.  The corporate culture is achievement driven and hence the levels of stress usually vary from moderately high to quite high.  The corporate organizations are a typical ground for the 4 D’s in life - depression, disease, dementia and disability - which are largely due to the highly competitive  lifestyle and the never ending drive for more.  Rising levels of stress among employees along with the predominance of a sedentary lifestyle is touted as the leading cause of illnesses including hypertension, eating disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular ailments and the list goes on. These ailments apart from effecting the performance of an employee, but also impact the organization’s finances that rise as a result of maintaining the employee's health.  As a result the any organization loses it’s most powerful resource –‘THE EMPLOYEE’.

One of the best things MetaHealth can do is to start with prevention via stress management, and getting the achievement potential along with contentment in an employee.  How do we achieve that is a big question ? 

META-Health is an art and  science that  focuses on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms and empowers one to take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth. 

META-Health looks at the big picture of illness and health and provides answers to the most important questions one might have
Why am I sick?
What has triggered my symptoms?
Which specific stress and emotions affect my symptoms?
Which specific belief and thought patterns do I need to review?
What can I do to heal naturally?
Which treatments work best for my type of illness?
Do lifestyle changes help me heal myself?
What are the symptoms experienced during stress and what are those experienced when the stress is over?
What can be done to prevent the predicted outcome of diseases in corporate?
How can I maintain balance between my social , work and personal life?

I am sure you have asked yourself these questions many times. MetaHealth not only  provides answers to these questions but also makes a platform combat the life lifestyle diseases.

I suggest corporate organizations to have a regular MetaHealth sessions for their employees which will increase the contentment along with the achievement potential.  In true sense it is a it would be an endeavor to empower the employees to empower the organization.