Thursday 2 June 2016

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We all as individuals and human systems are made up of our own perceptions and value systems. Every single value we hold dear and espouse comes wrapped in a story from our past and a story that we, someday, plan to turn to reality. These, we call them our dreams and visions. How we move about, strategize and execute our pans based on these stories creates and recreates our future, our lives. Thus, if we want to create a bright, shining and successful future that uplifts and fulfils us then we need to change the stories we tell ourselves and the stories that we tell the world about our experiences and our dreams. A success conducive attitude is a pre requisite to winning If you don’t do it ' You die in You. "Anything that does not grow, dies" Five things you will learn in this Interaction… 1. The neuroscience behind stories and storytelling 2. How stories and storytelling shape your values and your systems 3. How to put together life-shaping and transformations stories 4. How to continuously innovate, excel and live up to your fullest potential by changing the DNA of your stories. 5. How to lead, inspire and change your communities with stories. HOLD YOUR BREATH AND WATCH AS RAJU MANDHYAN TAKES YOIU TO FULFILLMENT , KARISHMA AHUJA TAKES YOU TO HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST JANE SHA HANDS YOU ONE WAY TICKET TO THE MONEY PLANET.ANU MEHTA WILL MAKE YOU AWARE WHAT CREATS DISEASE?Join us To register contact 7666084408