Monday 8 August 2016

#Different kinds of pain and what they mean according to #META-Health by Anu Mehta on thehealthsite

Different kinds of pain and what they mean according to META-Health

Constant body ache can be very annoying to deal with. It can manifest as pain, cramps and a feeling of discomfort. According to META-Health, body ache is a result of specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs that affect or target specific organs. To put it in simple words, when a person experiences a stressful event, he experiences certain emotions and these emotions compel the person to move out of his comfort zone. The longer he stays in this uncomfortable zone, the more intense is the pain. All the emotional discomfort he experiences gets transformed into physical pain.

Pain is a response of our reptilian brain, i.e., the ‘brain stem,’ which only understands survival instincts of fighting and fleeing. When we experience pain, we try to numb this reflex by treating the symptom. But the cause of the pain might be lying deep within us. Most of the pains and aches are experienced along with the manifestation of inflammation which is a protective response of the body to a stimulus
How are aches and pains classified according to META-Health?
There are three types of inflammations or pains depending on the suffix used to name them; they are namely, ‘-itis,’ ‘-ma’ or ‘-sis’ and the symptoms vary in all three kinds. There are at least 100 diseases in the ‘-itis’ type of inflammation in which we experience pain, intense swelling and fever. Often swelling and redness are an outcome of water retention.

Decoding the ‘itis’ pain and what causes it
The conditions that have the suffix ‘itis’ are arthritisappendicitis,bronchitiscolitis and much more. Often these conditions are coupled with intense pain (of a specific organ), inflammation and fever. However, there are two phases of these diseases or conditions – In stress and Off stress. According to META-Health, inflammation happens when we have dealt with our stress. It is true that swelling does not happen in stress, but after we have dealt with our stress. Inflammations literally mean being ‘in flames’ or being angry. This anger is essentially about an action that a person is not able to take, due to cultural and social conditioning. Unlike humans, animals do not get into moral judgments and thus fight their predators or run away so that the predator can’t get the better of them.  We, due to our social conditioning, sometimes are unable to fight our aggressor due to barriers like love, culture, religion, belief and conditioning. We are caught up in the cycle of what is right and wrong, which creates unresolved anger, guilt and grief, that physically manifests as pain in our bodies.