Monday 3 July 2017

The 8th #META-Health Conference in Mumbai, India, hosted by Indian Master Trainer Mrs Anu Mehta was a great success.

Kwesi Anan Odum MD

IMMA President
Bollywood dancersThe 8th META-Health Conference in Mumbai, India, hosted by Indian Master Trainer Mrs Anu Mehta was a great success. More than 120 participants from 5 continents have joined the conference and it’s supporting post conference work shops. National and international experts have presented their valuable insights and know how.
The presentations and panel discussions were educating, entertaining and inspiring. The National Experts illustrated the cultural and societal conditioning behind common disease processes like diabetes, gastrointestinal-, musculo-skeletal, sexual- and mental disorders as well as the resources within the Indian people.

discussionThe International Experts shared their experiences from their own countries and the conversation between the National and International Experts gave deeper understanding about the different cultural conditioning on the one side and how new modalities and technologies can be integrated to overcome the limitations on the other side.
A highlight was the panel discussion about Homeopathy and META-Health. Homeopathic Indian doctors shared their case studies. Integrating META-Health in their practice made their work easier to communicate to the patients, faster and more effective. META-Health combined with Homeopathy is the future of preventive medicine.
Panel discussionIt was amazing to experience how many health practitioners from different backgrounds and doctors Anu Mehta has trained in India and how respectful the delegates and experts of the conference were listening and learning from each other in spite of language challenges and cultural differences.
Mrs. Kumudha Jayakumar from Chennai, India, and Dr Ahmed Eldemellawy from Cairo, Egypt, were appointed as Master Trainers. Doreen Soans from Mumbai and Kavita Freedom from Pune, as well as Ute HirthIris Brennenstuhland Linda Awe from Germany were appointed as Trainers.
dancing at the Conference
Anu Mehta created an atmosphere of open mindedness, trust, respect and dignity. The delegates and presenters felt safe to share their own stories. Anu Mehta lived her vision to bring the META-Community together in India. To follow one’s desire and live one’s dream is a healer.
IMMA is very satisfied with the conference and therefore we are more then happy to announce that the 9th META-Health Conference will be held in autumn 2018 in South Spain. Further information will follow soon.

Ute Hirth

META-Health Master Practitioner & Trainer from Germany
The 8. META-Health Conference in India was very exciting, inspiring, informative and educational for me. I participated for the first time, and it caught my attention that in the panel discussions, those physicians of conventional medicine who were very open for alternative approaches, created more satisfactory results!
I eventually found answers to my question about AIDS: Dr. Abhas Desai from India, who works exclusively with homeopathy and energy, presented his cases from the last decades who today all test “HIV negative”. This impressed me deeply, and I could speak with him the same evening!
Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum presented conflicts of the eyes and their causes, like conjunctiva – loss of visual contact, retina – identity conflict. The essence of his talk was for me: “Always follow your mission and intuition – and if you don’t know your path yet, sungazing on a regular basis can be helpful!”
A case of diabetes was discussed: a boy who was diagnosed at age 11 can finally at age 17 lead a completely normal life thanks to META-Health and nutrition. Sweet fruit replace the sweetness one is missing in life. The root cause often lies in the family, and one needs to review the beliefs, give up resistance and renegotiate to be able to heal sustainably. 
And there were many more highlights!
I myself was very pleased to become officially announced as Trainer of META-Health, and to be awarded for developing “META-Energetics” which I could demonstrate and balance the energies of many curious attendants.

Astrid Paulini

META-Health Trainer & META-PEAT developer from Germany
All the interesting talks, new information and personal contacts were pervaded by India’s peculiarity and the warmness of the people and colleagues. For me, the international contacts I made, and future collaboration are rating high: we could initiate cooperations in Egypt, Norway and India. I was lucky to spark many participants in my META-PEAT workshop, and already got positive feedback on it’s efficacy. I have reached my main goal to receive, apply, and to pass on healing knowledge.
A big thank you to Anu and her team, who made all this possible, and to Dr Kwesi who coordinated and moderated it masterfully, and thanks for all the valuable, deep, cordial and funny conversations I had.