Sunday 17 November 2019

With Rashi Bunny at WOW Iconic awards organised by Shobbaa Arya. * Rashi Bunny * Rashi Bunny is the only Indian Theatre Artist offering workshops for healing, empowerment & transformation using the magical techniques and therapeutic aspects of all forms of Performing arts. She is an internationally awarded Solo Performer, Innovative Theatre Director, Creativity coach, Transformation Leader and a Clairvoyant Healer. With 25 years of exploration in diverse fields from Biology to Design, Literature to Neuroplasticity & Philosophy to Shamanism, she created her own unique modules of EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING integrating Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit. Using the tools of theatre, fims, art, music, movement & meditation, she has conducted hundreds of workshops & touched lives of thousands of children, youth, parents, teachers, corporates, women, parents, wedding families and pregnant couples pan India. She is blessed to be trained under International theatre legends, global spiritual teachers and guided by the grace of her Gurus spanning from America to Sweden & Laddakh to Pondicherry. Her innovative plays & writing for various platforms leaves an indelible impact on the diverse range of audiences. Rashi Bunny is dedicated to serve the world with her passion, dedication & decades of Experience in Theatre & Experiential work for Humanity. Presenting to You : Rashi Bunny. INDIA Creative Director, BANJARA THEATRE 2001. #meta #metahealth #metahealthindia #metahealthschool #metahealthsound