Wednesday 3 February 2016

Fairy Tale Syndrome and how it impacts the relationships -By Anu Mehta

Fairy Tale Syndrome: All fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow-white and Seven dwarfs and many others talk about a fairy God mother or a prince charming saving the beautiful young girl who is being ill-treated by another significant other women [step mother, step sisters]. Similarly during the process of separation the parting partners hope to find a hero or fairy Godmother to save them from their ill fate and fight for them. Sadly end of marriage also ends the hope of being saved by someone thus making the underpowered partner to self depend and take responsibility of their happiness and freedom thus enabling them to find their wings. When one set of choices end that is the time of new opportunities to begin.  This self-responsibity helps the partner to move away from blame and takes the person towards the path of forgiving the partner who has hurt them.

Written by Anu Mehta