Wednesday 3 February 2016

Say No - By Anu Mehta

 People get married as they think that this bond of marriage and togetherness is forever. Seven mantras and vows of wedding are all around companionship, togetherness, loyalty, understanding, protection, love, hope, care, and trust, security and safety.Yet people can't sign peace with things that happen in marriage in the name of love.

Below are two steps which will help you to sign peace in marriage or a partnership;

Women/men may learn to say No and take decisions.

Women may have never have taken any decision of their life without consulting their fathers, brothers, boyfriends or husbands. General understanding is if she knows how to cook, and please her family and her husbands family then she is doing great. During fighting for divorce she learns to put her foot down and say no. She takes away the ability from other people to throw muck on her character.  She understands that only one who knows how she feels is she herself.  After putting up with years of garbage she is allows herself a safe exit from obsolete relationship. She learns to see her pain, to hear and understand herself and allow her to feel the void and make herself safe and secure. She learns to be financially and emotionally independent stops giving excuses to stay in the abusive obsolete relationship.

Men may no know how to say NO to their mother,sisters and his wife. He feels like a puppet in between. He may not be able to define boundaries for both of them. He may also spend more time dominating this wife rather than forming companionship with her.Thus relationship may be difficult for him to maintain because he is more worried about looking good in front of his folks and his wife.

Don’t live others dream: In marriage everyone expects the women/man to live up to others and their partner’s expectation.  When she/he moves out of out of the bondages of an obsolete relationship she/he gives herself a chance to live her/his dreams and do what she/he wants to and in the way they want to

these points may help you lead better life and sign peace in relationships.