Monday 31 August 2015

Anu talking at Womens leaders award function Part 2- What is a disease?

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Sunday 30 August 2015

Anu Mehta's talk show show -Dr Dadina- Are women in India treated equal as men?

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Hidden Messages in Water

Hidden Messages in Water

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Saturday 29 August 2015

FAQ 14-What is abuse? How does the abused child walk through his/her journey?

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Friday 28 August 2015

FAQ 13-Can we be disease free?

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Thursday 27 August 2015

Anu Mehta's talk show- Dr Avan Dadina speaking about what inspired her to become a doctor?

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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Anu Mehta getting Women's Leadership Award 2015

Anu talking at Womens leaders award function - Part 1

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FAQ 8-What are perceptions?

FAQ 9 -What is disease?

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Tuesday 25 August 2015

The Small Window - A short story written by Doreen Soans, edited by Anika and Anu Mehta, photographs by Arjun Mehta.

He lazily walked into my green lush garden stared at my broken window for many hours. I briskly walked up to him in anger and slapped him before commanding him to get out of my life.  My ex had stayed tuned in to everything I had said and had lived up to the expectations set by every romantic song in every language possible. I discovered that despite this I couldn’t get myself to feel anything other than numbness for him. 
“Love is the hardest thing to understand and yet we all want to experience it, feel it and be in it and sometimes fall out of it too.”
There are many shades of love. There are many who marry their first love; there are some for whom every love is their first and then of course there are some who feel their last love was the ONLY real thing.
Wonder what comes in the way of love? Is it the past that never heals or the past that never leaves or is it the past that sometimes comes in the way of the present and or is it that reminiscing the past is the only hope for the future?
No matter who calls the shots in the relationship the discord in relationships affects both the partners.  One partner is always at the giving end and the other is always at the receiving end. During difficult times in a relationship both partners may soak themselves up in tears, and emotions and may be blinded to identifying the real problem for their disharmony.
The question here is why can’t people move on from dead decaying relationships.
Having attended so many workshops on self-development I, understand today that fear, anger, sadness, guilt, and grief are the feelings that people experience in relationships while dealing with difficult situations. The intensity of each emotion they experience may vary according to the stress they experience.
So let’s understood what makes us hold on to our past and why do we in the secret section of our heart and mind leave that small window of hope open?
According to me most of us living in the modern times have definitely experienced breakups in relationships. Honestly the numbers of break up don’t matter, but the person we loved and their memory that lingers on matters.  It’s a small window of hope that is open for that one person from the past; with whom we had dreamt of our future, the future that has not materialized.
Many emotions that we experienced during the breakup may still haunt us. Fear experienced during the break up also may be held in our heart and mind. Sometimes while dealing with fear we find ourselves secretly holding on to the past and reassuring ourselves that all will work out. But for how long can we hold on to our past? Is that little gap telling us something about our present?  Do we fear that we are not good enough to recreate that same magic, security and love that we had created before for ourselves? Is that the reason good enough to stay back in a dying relationship?
Anger held in the relationships may also be another reason to hold on to our past. Anger can take us away from our loved ones. These are the people on whom we may have slammed the door; too soon too fast without bothering to check what impression we left behind and we may still harbor the hope of patching up with them, without taking any appropriate actions to patch back the relationship, almost waiting of the other to make the first move.
Sadness and grief experienced during the emotional breakup can be transformed into positive feelings, if we give ourselves permission to experience happiness, and love again. We experience sadness and guilt because we blame our KARMA and ourselves of whatever has gone wrong in the relationship taking undue   credit that we have caused loneliness and lifelessness in life for others. Rather than blaming the Karma and us we need take appropriate actions to deal with the problem. We need to realize that everyone has the need to be loved, cared for and experience happiness. So it is important to move out of the feeling of self-pity, self-blame and move on and shut the window of our past that is responsible for our unhappiness and sadness.
I’m not sure why people advice others to remain silent about their past and present. I speak honestly about my life. I have often pondered on why I had left the small window of hope open. I today found the answer, I realized that my mind was indulging and occupied with feeling of fear. My past felt like big soft pillow filled with the lightest fabric and feathers and shutting that past window of love meant that I would have had to experience the feeling of vulnerability.
I understood that vulnerability was there because of shame and shame is a great place of creation. We also need to understand that the relationship we share with ourselves is mirror image of the relationship we share with others. So if we feel angry inside then we are angry at the whole world. So if we can’t shut that window of our past, then we need to reflect which feeling [Fear, Anger, Sadness, Guilt, and Greif] has gripped us and has stopped us from shutting that window from our past, which is causing so much of grief.
Only if we can reassurance ourselves that we will always be able to create safety and security needed by us, then we can shut the window of our past and walk ahead to experience the magnificent ‘Us’ without the baggage and the weight from our past.
 So it’s a choice, a choice to shut that small window of the past and move ahead or, to leave that window open. These open windows help us to study and analyze our past and thus, help us to evolve and fix the things that we have overlooked in our past.
Written by Doreen Soans, META-Health practitioner
Edited by Anu Mehta, META-health Mater trainer
Photograph by Arjun Mehta

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Monday 24 August 2015

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