Tuesday 30 December 2014

How sexual abuse in children can lead to mental illness,

Angel and April grew up in an educated upper middle class family. They were sisters and had a brother Sam.  Sam was always given more preference in every aspect. One look at the family and no one could tell that there was gender discrimination, as all the kids went to the same expensive school and looked healthy and well kept. The family lived in a two-bedroom apartment in a posh locality. The parents occupied one bedroom and the three children were given a separate room for themselves.   Sam being much older than the girls reached puberty and was aware of the difference between his body and his sister’s body, he had also heard of sex at school from his older friends. He soon began to explore out of curiosity and started touching his sisters inappropriately. He eventually got addicted to the excitement that came from touching them and it became a regular nightmare for the girls. He soon started threatening his sisters to be silent and that the parents would never believe them as they loved him more. He was the apple of their eye, their only son. As time passed he grew more aggressive and eventually raped one of the sisters while she was still in her early teens. Today the sister who was raped had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the other sister has sworn to a life of celibacy.