Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Before we get into relationship we do everything in our power to impress the person, to show him/her that we care. The commitment somehow takes away the freedom that people had before. The biggest assumption here is now that she/he is mine so I have right to cage her/him with my expectations. We say we unconditionally love people the reality is that we only put conditions under which we can love them or feel loved by them. We assume now our partner has no right to see, talk to or be friendly with anyone else other than us. These assumptions are validated by Hollywood and Bollywood movies. My spouse is mine and only mine is the biggest faulty assumption. This assumptions, leads to possessiveness and sadness. I have seen people check their loved ones messages, emails, letters all in the name of love. We speak lies that we trust. If we trusted then there was no need to check on our spouse/ Partner/ boyfriend. I have seen people speak more lies to their loved ones than anyone else in this world.
They are confused as to whether keep the relationship or throw it away. If only they could open their heart and once just once speak loudly without fear then  they would have honest and a worthy relationship.

The basis of today’s relations is, profession, status, religion, nationality, and pay packet the person withdraws. Foundation of relationship is familiarity, not love. So in my opinion the foundation is really weak. This causes problem, because people assume that the couple will fall in love due to familiarity.

Assumptions make people wear a mask of perfection that is shown to the society that “all is well” when in reality the bug of assumption has made the  solid teak wood of relationship empty and hollow. ”People stay in these hollow relationships because they don’t want to be judged by the society. Respect and honor are such big deal that they kill themselves and their loved ones by caging them with accusations and blame.

Written By Anu Mehta
Edited By Rashmi Arora