Friday 29 January 2016


Stressed....! Yes we have all felt it. 
Multiple challenges of everyday makes us react in a way similar to our ancestors, when in a threat of being eaten by predators.
Stress is an automated response of the body to any challenge. It also has an impact on the health of a person.
There is a link between physical body and emotions, But have you ever wondered what kind of stress produces what kind of impact and why?
Let me tell you some real examples :
A lady with a skin disease was affected by the death or separation of her son. 
In another case of a boy having a skin disease, the history was traced to not being able to defend himself at school.  
The cause of bone diseases is related to low self esteem.
Different types of stress have a different impact on the physical plane.
Do you know what is the emotional cause hidden behind your disease...? 

What has made your body react this way.....?