Saturday 23 January 2016

The GUT Sense - Rashmi Arora

Constipation is difficult or infrequent passage of stool, hardness of stool, or a feeling of incomplete evacuation.
Constipation actually means a high level of constraint or restriction.
Obsessive-compulsive patients often feel the need to rid the body daily of “unclean” wastes. Such patients often spend excessive time on the toilet or become chronic users of cathartics. It is understood that the exact stress which would cause this particular tissue to react in this particular way was the attitude or belief involving the inability to move something (in our life) down or out.  The specific thoughts involved would be ‘I am stuck!‘ but on a very deep, almost unconscious level.  
A therapist with the help of various techniques can help you over come the belief of “being stuck up” and help you get rid of the troublesome sense of constipation.  Homeopathy is a holistic, nontoxic system of medicine that is individualizes the symptoms of the patient.  The prescription depends upon symptoms and the underlying cause of the constipation. Homeopathic remedies work at a deeper level than nutritional supplements, medicines and most herbs because they target the mind and the emotions in addition to the physical body.

Dr Rashmi Arora
Homeopathy Doctor